We wish to thank every one of you for being with us and let you know that your help meant a great deal. Darius will watch over all of us from above.

We would like to show you a quick report on how the money you kindly donated was used. Once more we are grateful for your effort and we are convinced that Darius is thanking you from up there, in Heaven.

A total of 45,000€ were collected from donations, the treatment in Romania cost 1,500€ and the one in Germany cost 47,060€. There were other expenditures beside the treatment, so the total cost was 51,410€.

When Darius left our world, the donation fund had 2,300€ left. From this sum, 500€ were donated to the Jasmin Association for children suffering from autism.

Unfortunately, Darius' family received another blow, as Darius' grandfather was diagnosed with laterocervical tumor on the right side; the remaining money will cover a part of the recommended treatment.

We thank you once again, kind souls!